Choosing a gift is often a challenge: which present to choose? From what brand? From which shop? What if the gift wasn’t the right choice?

As a shopping centre you’ll take advantage by introducing an easy gift solution that will serve both your merchants and their customers. While attracting new shoppers and creating extra revenue.

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Giftify is a customisable gift card solution for your shopping centre. Your customer chooses an amount that will be added to the gift card. The one receiving the gift has free choice where and when to spend the gift card at the merchants within your centre. An easy solution without strings.

Giftify can be used several times, on the existing payment terminals, according to the amount on the card. After each use of the card, the Giftify management platform adjusts the card’s balance and automatically transfers the amount of the transactions on the merchant’s account.

A self-funding gift card solution 

Giftify happy to accep by merchants
  • Always the right present, by offering freedom of choice within your shopping centre

  • Generates additional revenue (for the retailers and the shopping centre)
  • Increases customers’ flow

  • Enhances shopping centre brand awareness.

Online management platform

Giftify online management platform
  • Restricted card acceptance 

  • Different methods to load & activate the card

  • B2B sales with bulk activation

  • QR-code to check balance 

  • Web-based platform 

  • Full & interactive reporting.

Kiosk based automated sales

Giftify kiosk
  • Branded kiosk

  • Intuitive touch screen

  • Card payment terminal and/or multicurrency bill acceptor for cash payments.

Also for promotional cards

Giftify promo icon
  • For a specific occasion or promotion
  • With pre-determined value

  • With a limited time of validity

  • With limited acceptance.

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Giftify gift cards €25, €50, €150